Peter has been a patient at U Dentistry for a number of years. He had always dreaded going to the dentist due to poor experiences he had suffered as a child. After some sporting injuries and minor accidents he needed treatment on his upper front teeth and was seeking replacement of old and tired looking fillings and crowns. After putting it off for years he visited Martin at U Dentistry and he has never looked back. Watch Peter's video where he explains his experience as a patient at U Dentistry.

UDentistry Testimonial. Peter

Angela & David

Angela was a model in the 60’s and she explains how important a good smile is to her. However after a lengthy treatment of chemotherapy for breast cancer over 20 years ago she suffered a great deal of bone loss and this effected her smile. In this lovely video Angela tells us how with modern technology and the skills of Martin and the U Dentistry team, today she has a smile she can be proud of. David goes on to explain his frustration with the time he wasted trying to repair his poor dentition before finally opting for implants, a decision he will never regret.

UDentistry Testimonial. Angela & Graham


Graham discovered U Dentistry after being recommended by a friend. In this video he describes how very different he found the practice compared to a more traditional dental surgery. Graham’s tooth failed unexpectedly and he explains how refreshing it was to be provided with a clear view of all options available to him. Rather inconveniently Grahams tooth broke just prior to a holiday but he was booked in almost immediately and went on to have a root treatment with Alyn, which although he was dreading, found it completely painless. His treatment was completed with a crown. Graham explains how Martin’s desire for perfection even went through to ensuring the tooth (which was at the back of his mouth) matched the rest of his teeth perfectly.

UDentistry Testimonial. Graham


One of the best ways for new patients to discover why the practice and team at UDentistry are different to the traditional dental surgery you may have become used to, is for our patients to tell you about their experiences with us.

In these videos we have a variety of stories with different treatment types, but the recurring theme is that everyone in the practice is striving for excellence, and that nobody would hesitate recommending the team at the practice to their family of friends.


UDentistry Testimonial. Arthur

Arthur had suffered from a problematic front tooth for many years. It had been capped and crowned many times by his existing dentist. After the treatment failed while on holiday in the US, he was eventually referred to Martin for a dental implant. In this video Arthur explains how solid his implant is and how even after having it in place for over three years, he hasn't had moments trouble from it.


UDentistry Testimonial. Sue

After seeing her mother struggle with dentures for many years, After seeing her mother struggle with dentures for many years, Sue had promised herself she was never going to accept false teeth. During her treatment Sue was very confident in Martin's care. She felt relaxed at all times and found the treatment comfortable and was never fearful or in any pain. Sue says the actual practice is like a five star hotel and she enthuses about the professionalism of the entire team at U Dentistry.



A dentist herself, Orla's requirements for her own dentist's abilities were always going to set the bar high. In this video Orla speaks candidly about her experiences as a patient at U Dentistry.



Alan had dentures for many years but was always unhappy that they were never stable. In 2008 Alan came to U Dentistry and embarked on denture stabilisation with dental implants, he has never looked back. Now Alan eats what he wants and in this video he explains how it has been a real boost to his confidence.



Vanda broke her front tooth at Christmas time. After an initial upsetting and bumpy start at another practice she moved her care to Martin at U Dentistry. In this video Vanda tells her story from dental disaster to her new front tooth describing a pain free experience and her delight with the finished job.



Cathy is a dental hygienist. In this video Cathy explains why she chose Martin for her dental treatment. Cathy had advanced tooth wear which was stabilised and restored to a beautiful and natural smile.



In this video Linda tells her story about her loose teeth as a result of periodontal disease, initially one dentist suggested that she should have them all removed. Linda underwent extensive gum treatment and implant rehabilitation, Linda described her treatment at U Dentistry as 'brilliant' and 'life changing'.



In this video Sheila describes her journey from initial appointment through to completion of her dental implant work. Sheila is delighted with outcome which she describes as a very good thing and money well spent.