Dr Sandy Karnezi.  

Bsc (Honors), MSc, BChD (Hons), MFDS RCS Eng, MORTH MDent Sci.

Sandy successfully completed her initial training at the University of London.  Her Dental Surgery qualification with Honors was attained from the University of Leeds.  Sandy became a member of the Fellowship of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2005.  In 2008 Sandy was appointed Registrar in Orthodontics at the Leeds Dental Institute where she gained a Masters Degree in Dental Science.  In 2011 she also attained the Membership of Orthodontics of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Edinburgh and entered the Specialist Register in Orthodontics.  Sandy currently works in general practice.  She has experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery after working at York District Hospital.  

Sandy has undertaken further training in holistic patient management and has published scientific papers.  Sandy’s friendly and enthusiastic personality is perfect for the interaction that she has with young adults and children, although she has extensive experience of working with all age groups.  

As an experienced and Specialist Orthodontist, Sandy understands what is required in order to address realignment requirements using the latest techniques and technology.  She is able to provide a full range of orthodontic treatments including cosmetic – clear or ceramic braces, removable, fixed, functional appliances and Invisalign. 

Registered Specialist in Orthodontics

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“Thank you so much for sorting out my problem. I am so grateful.”
“Just a short note so say a huge thank you for the absolutely wonderful job you did for me.”
“Thank you for clearly explaining what you have done and for being so patient with me.”
“I would like to thank you for the treatment and your attention to detail, my confidence has changed. My life is now different.”
“Thank you very much. The result is fantastic”.

Price Guide

Upper fixed metal braces with retention for Under 18’s £1800.00

Lower fixed metal braces with retention for Under 18’s £1800.00

Upper and lower fixed metal braces with retention for Under 18’s £2000.00

Upper fixed metal braces with retention for Over 18’s £1800.00

Lower fixed metal braces with retention for Over 18’s £1800.00

Upper and lower fixed metal braces with retention for Over 18’s £2600.00

Plus £400.00 per arch for ceramic (clear) fixed braces for all ages. 

Invisalign from £4000.00

Functional Appliance £600.00

Removable Appliance £300.00

Retainers (per retainer)£100.00

Non-registered patients (per visit)£100.00

Orthodontic Referal

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